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Welcome to Art 145

A community, gallery, and classroom

About Art 145

     At Art 145 LLC, we believe an individual can make a positive impact on the world, and that starts with creative self expression. We also believe that to achieve positive change, connecting with others is necessary. We help cultivate a community that encourages creativity, compassion, and action.

Business Hours

Summer hours currently in effect


Become a Member

Grab a day pass, or a whole month!

     Becoming a member gets you special perks such as exclusive access to our studio and its materials, free entry into club meeting such as our weekly Figure Drawing class, and discounts on most of our offers!

Click the link below to learn more about the various memberships we offer.

Not sure where to start? Some quick info:

"Membership 100" is our most popular option!

"Buddy Membership" is great for shy people who want to bring a friend!

Our Schedule

Check out our social media for real time updates!

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This is where we post calls for art, teaching opportunities, and member clubs

Call for Art

Show your art!

We are now accepting applications from artists who would either like to show their art for display purposes only, or for sale. In this application you will attach a PDF with images and short descriptions or your work. Please let us know if you have any questions, we want to make this process as easy as possible to show our community your talent!



Teach Art!

If you are an artist, we would love to have you at Art145 as a teacher! No teaching experience necessary, we will help you prepare for your class(es) and provide an aide! Just click the link to let us know what you would like to teach and we will get in touch.


You can help support the arts

Our members and donors are what keep Art 145 alive and thriving in our small community. Your donations will go toward providing art supplies for the community, maintaining our facilities, hosting fun events, and so much more.


161 W. Main Street, Superior, AZ 85173

(952) 239-2198

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