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About Thrift 145

Thrift 145 is a new shop in Superior, as a part of the existing Art 145! As the only secondhand shop in Superior, we are dedicated to providing the town and its visitors with reasonable prices on items they need. We also take donated items; more information coming soon on drop-off zones, but for now you can fill out the form below to schedule a drop off time.


At Art 145, we are dedicated to sustainability, so whether you need second-hand art supplies, or a cute vintage dress, you are supporting a circular economy. In a circular economy, you are supporting local business and keeping reusable items out of the landfill. 


Thrift 145 is not only supporting reuse in our community by providing a space to buy second-hand items, but we will be implementing many types of recycling. Aside from the obvious recycling method of taking eligible unsold items to the local recycling bin, we will also be reusing unsold items in creative ways over at Art 145. Follow along to see more ways we recycle some of our overstock.

Have donations to give? Schedule a drop off time!

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