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Resident Home

This home is reserved for our Resident Artists. The home is a place for them to either relax after a day of creating art in the studio, or work on parts of their project in the comfort of a home. We provide the artists what they need during their stay; everything from a bed to wifi to food. Check out the specific perks here.

Conveniently located

The Resident Home is only a half mile from downtown Superior, where the artist has access to our studio space. Other places within walking distance include the weekly farmer's market, a grocery store, coffee shops, many restaurants, parks, hiking, and shopping opportunities.


Quality Amenities

Our Resident Home has all our Resident Artists need for a comfortable stay. They are given a queen sized bed; a full private bath; a kitchenette with mini fridge, microwave, dishes, utensils, and cookware; and a workspace with a desk. They also are given Wifi, a dresser, a small sitting area, heater/cooler, and a private porch.


Community Fun

There are always fun things going on in Superior, including karaoke nights, open mics, music in the park, and more! Being in a small town, Resident Artists don't have to stay here long to recognize someone each time they go out.

Resident Home Images

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