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Art 145 Community

Group Projects

Our studio is open to all members during business hours. Members can come in and work together, ask for advice/critique from other members, or just come and hang out.


COMING SOON - Artist Talks and Dinner

Coming with our Artist in Residence Program, we will be providing more learning and networking opportunities for our Resident Artists and the community. Our Resident Artists will share their experiences in the art world through Artists Talks, and then join the community for a meal and good conversation. All are welcome to join these events; check our calendar for official dates.


Member Clubs

Our members have the ability to curate their own clubs! When you are a member, and feel there are many of you with similar interests, why not create an official club so you can make sure you are always setting aside a time to get together? Our current clubs include Media Club, Fibers Club, and Figure Drawing Club.



Our events are made possible by people like you! Our members and volunteers come together to create fun events, curated by everyone involved.


Group Exhibitions

Our members have the opportunity to work together to create a group exhibition. Maya Barton, Art 145's founder, has a background in gallery curating, and  will help you where you need it. Apply today with your exhibition idea!


Teaching Opportunities

Many of our students gain confidence during their time as members, and decide they would like to teach a class on what they have learned! Though we have instructors with an education in art, we also encourage our students to become a teacher for either an official class, or by starting a new Art 145 club.


All Ages Welcome

If you are under 6 years old, you must be attended by your guardian, otherwise, all ages are welcome! We have had students ranging from 5 to 78, and all have a great time!


Online Community

When you become a member at Art 145, you gain access to our online community! This is a great place to post your current projects for critique, schedule a time to come in with friends, and ask questions about upcoming classes and events.


Join our community

Though you don't have to become a member to join in on the fun, it is a great way to be fully immersed in the art community of Superior. If you would like to learn more about our membership options, click the button below.

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