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What will your money be used for?


We provide art classes to the community, and we always make sure our teachers are compensated well, and our art supplies are good quality. Your donations help us provide choice art supplies, including specialty tools. When we are able to pay our teachers well, that also means we are able to provide a broader instruction with different types of arts and crafts.


We have provided calls for art in the past, but we are eager to continue supporting local artists even more. We have goals for providing several more murals in Superior, AZ painted by local artists and paid for by us. We also have calls for art that will bring beauty to the town in the form of exhibitions/events.


One of our biggest goals at Art 145 is to sponsor an artist in our Artist in Residence program. This program will provide housing, food, transportation, art supplies, and mentorship to select artists. The artist in return will give back to Superior by providing art classes in their area of expertise. This program is important to us because it shows artists they are valued in our community and the world.


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