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Apply to be in our fashion show!

This fashion show is all about nature. Though you may stray from this list, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Visually inspired by the natural world such as flowers, geology, or rain

  • A commentary on human impact on the earth. Bring to light issues of climate change, plastic pollution, or fast fashion.

  • Use natural materials to create the garments such as gems, woven grass, or dyed wool.

When you apply for this call, you will be given a professional mentor to help turn your ideas into a reality. You will also have access to Boundless CreatorSpace at no charge where you will have access to a sewing machine, various fabrics, craft materials, and more!

To participate, simply fill out the quick Google Form linked below. Please apply if this sounds fun to you, we will help you create whatever you can imagine!

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